Who doesn’t love summertime! It’s the perfect season for long, lazy beach days; picnics and laughter with friends; water sports like kayaking or paddle boarding; and, generally, just enjoying the sand and the sun.

But while we bask in the beautiful weather, we may also be thinking about our skin and how to fix damage that my have been done (such as pigmentation and sun damage) as well as prevent more damage so we can keep our skin as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Wearing a high factor sunblock, everywhere, every time you’re out, is a no-brainer to prevent sun damage. We like an SPF 50+ sun cream that is free of nasty chemicals and water- resistant. Meanwhile, we know you might want some help to present a beautifully bare face this season and that’s where our skin therapists and targeted treatments come in.

You’d be surprised just how common problems such as broken capillaries and pigmentation are. The good news, however, is that we have hi-tech ways to treat them effectively, and all the experience you need to get a good result.

Treat pigmentation and broken capillaries for sun damage

In the Australian climate, unwanted pigmentation and sun damage is one of the problems we see most often at the clinic. Generally, it will present as sunspots but, if you are on hormonal treatment, it can also be a bit patchier rather than spotty. Broken capillaries, that can be related to heat exposure, ageing, or genetics, are also a concern that affects many of our clients.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Laser devices emit powerful wavelengths of light that target pigmentation and vascular lesions. Because these hi tech machines work at different wavelengths, our therapists will often combine both technologies to give you the best result possible.

While IPL works in a similar way to laser therapy, the difference is that whereas laser therapy delivers a single wavelength of light energy – and can target very specific areas in the skin – IPL delivers multiple wavelengths. This means IPL can treat a larger area of skin in a shorter time if pigmentation or capillaries are more widespread.

The heat generated by both these devices draws the discolouration to the surface of the skin, so that the dermis can begin to heal unwanted blemishes. However, it does not affect the skin around the area being treated. It doesn’t matter if pigmentation is caused by sun damage or scarring – skin will absorb the light waves. The average treatment time is between 30 and 45 minutes and, generally, between
two to six treatments, four weeks apart, is needed for best results.

have a plan

To uncover beautiful skin, having a personally tailored skin care plan based on your needs and budget, is a smart strategy. Our skin therapists can recommend home care products, or in-salon treatments, that will help you with your skin care goals. Best of all, a skin assessment is free.

Enjoy the Confidence of Healthy Skin.

Our team are passionate about providing you with results-driven treatments that leave you feeling empowered, confident and comfortable in your own skin.