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An express treatment tailor-made for our clients who would like to indulge in some self-care without sacrificing much of their precious time.

In the midst of work demands, parenting, and life’s hustle, we understand the challenge of carving out a little me time. However with our LED Light Room, all you need is 20 minutes.

Please note – this only available at our Ballina Clinic.

A retreat away from the daily grind, step into a sanctuary designed for your wellbeing.

 Our LED Light Room encourages you to steal moments – before or after work, during your lunch break, or while the kids are at daycare. In just 20 minutes, immerse yourself in relaxation while rejuvenating your skin.


LED Light Room Membership

Designed with the idea of creating an easy-to-use express treatment, you will have the option of signing up to our a membership or purchasing a single use session.

Like a gym membership, our membership will give you unlimited access to the LED Light Room. You’ll have the option to sign up weekly or fortnightly and this will be automatically direct debited out of your account.

What makes it different from our usual LED Phototherapy treatment is that there is no therapist and the whole experience is self service.


Membership Pricing

Weekly Membership


Fortnightly Membership


Single Session

(this is paid up-front at the time of booking)

How It Works

Once you sign up to the LED Light Room Unlimited Membership, it’s best you pre-book your sessions to avoid missing out on your preferred time. To make it a full self service experience, this can be done through our online booking system

For the light to be effective you’ll need to have a bare face, free from sunscreen or any other skincare. Not to worry if you’ve already started your day, our vanity has everything you need to wash your face before the treatment and the appropriate products post treatment.

A staff member will be be able to assist you in going under the light. If you have any specific skin concerns you’d like to treat please ask one of our staff members and we can tailor the light settings to your concern.


Each session is automatically booked in for 30 minutes, however the actual light treatment is 20 minutes. This just gives you enough time to wash yourself if you need to and apply post care products. 

Please note – we are only able to treat the face and décolletage in the LED Light Room, if you require a more customised treatment please book in with one of our therapists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LED Phototherapy?

Is a non-invasive light based treatment that is perfect for treating a wide range of skin concerns that stimulates your skin’s natural healing process. LED uses varying low-level wavelengths of light, including red, blue, green and white, to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level.

What skin concerns does it treat?

Acne, inflammation, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone and texture.

Who is LED Phototherapy suitable for?

LED Phototherpay is suitable for all skin types, concerns & colours. While it is safe for pregnancy & women breast feeding we suggest consulting with your doctor first.

How often can I book in?

Our memberships are designed for you to come as many times as needed per week. LED is safe to use everyday, however everyone’s skin can have different tolerances. If you have specific skin concerns like dermatitis or eczema you might benefit from coming everyday. If you have sensitive skin we would recommend limiting your appointments to every 48 hrs to avoid over stimulated the skin.

What makes this different to a normal LED Phototherapy treatment?

This treatment is designed to be self service and does not have a Dermal Therapist facilitating the treatment.
A treatment with our therapist includes a double cleanse & more customised post treatment products. If you require a more customised experience to treat a specific skin concern or area other than your face, please book in with a therapist here.


What do we mean by self service?

Apart from having someone assist you in turning on the light, the whole treatment is facilitated by yourself – from booking your appointment online, to applying your own products post treatment. As the memberships and single sessions are pre-paid, you won’t even need to see our reception post treatment.

Can I cancel or pause my membership?

 There is a minimum sign up period of 4 weeks, however you can cancel your membership after this time. To cancel your membership please send an email to [email protected], providing 1 week notice.

If you need to pause your membership for any reason, please let us know and you will do that for you

If you have any further questions in regards to our LED Light Room, ou memberships or any other treatement, please feel free to get in contact with us via phone or email.