Laser, IPL and other light therapies are highly versatile and effective treatment options for a range of cosmetic and medical skin concerns. North Coast Medispa uses medical grade equipment operated by the most qualified and highly trained practitioners in the region.

Clear and Brilliant Fractional Laser

The “mini-Fraxel” is a gentle laser treatment that uses fractional laser technology to address and prevent the early signs of ageing skin.

IPL Hair Removal

A simple and effective solution for removing unwanted hair and can be successfully used on all parts of the body or the face.

IPL and Laser for Pigmentation or Vascular

IPL & Laser treatments are a non-invasive solution for addressing pigmentation & broken capillaries on the face.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Specific wavelengths of intense light are emitted into the skin that target the pigment of the tattoo being treated. The surrounding non-inked skin is left unaffected.

LED Phototherapy

Stimulate your skin’s healing process with LED Phototherapy. This innovative, safe and comfortable technology reduces acne breakouts and calms post-inflammatory conditions.

Photo Dynamic Therapy or PDT

Combines specialised light therapy with photosensitive medications to rejuvenate the skin, useful for treating superficial types of skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesions


Our collaborative clinics, North Coast Dermatology and Lismore Skin Clinic offer full-time Specialist’s services providing skin cancer management, skin surgery and advanced-level care for chronic skin disorders.

At North Coast Medispa, our nurses are all members of the Australian Dermatology Nurses Association and are given the same training and development opportunities as dermatology nurses, however our focus is on general skin health, aesthetic medicine and wellness. We encourage you to get in touch direct with North Coast Dermatology or Lismore Skin Clinic if you have a chronic skin condition or skin cancer concerns.


The Ultimate Medispa Package

Week 1 Tightening
Week 2  IPL for Pigment / Vascular
Week 3 Tightening
Week 4 Resurfacing
Week 5 Tightening
Week 6 Tightening
Week 7 IPL for Pigment / Vascular (or tightening if not needed)
Week 8 Resurfacing
Week 9 Tightening
Week 10 Tightening
Week 11 Tightening
Week 12 Resurfacing

Usually $3,530
Package Price $2,999

FREE Skin Assessments and Consultations

We offer free confidential one-on-one skin assessments and consultations with our Nurses and Dermal Therapists. We cover all bases, including your skincare regime, medications and overall health so we can treat your skin effectively in-clinic and suggest the best possible at-home regime. Please come equipped with any questions and concerns you may have.



Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming booking appointments when you are unsure if you should see a Nurse or a Dermal Therapist. Here is a breakdown of who does what and what they are trained in:


Anti Wrinkle Injections
Dermal Fillers 
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
PDO Threading


All Skin Health Treatments
All Laser, IPL & Light Therapies


– Please remember to book well in advance for your preferred appointment date and time. If we have no availability for the requested date and time, we will add you to our waiting list.

– Please request your preferred Therapist or Nurse when booking your appointment.

– If you are an existing client please arrive 5 minutes prior to your arrival.

– If you are a new client please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment as you will need to fill out a ‘New Client Form’.

– It is important to let us know if you are on any prescription medication prior to any treatments.

– Avoid sun exposure/sunburn if you are receiving any skin treatment.

– Please let us know if you have had cosmetic or surgical treatments within the last 2 weeks prior to any appointments as this may interfere with your treatment.

– For IPL Hair removal, shave areas you wish to be treated the day prior and ensure all fake tan is removed.

– You will receive an appointment reminder text message a few days prior to your appointment, it is important to remember to respond to this text with a ‘Y’ (yes) to confirm or ‘N’ (no) to cancel. This allows us time to fill your appointment if you are unable to attend.

– A ‘no-show’ fee of $30 will be added to your account if you do not show up to your appointment.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser skin rejuvenation treatment that addresses the earliest signs of ageing and sun damage.

This laser is designed to provide excellent results with basically zero downtime and is a wonderful introduction to laser skin rejuvenation.


60 minutes


24 hours


Rough and uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, pigmentation


From $300
Hands add-on $50

Pre-Pay Options
3 Clear & Brilliant $800
6 Clear & Brilliant $1500

Laser Skin Rejuvenation FAQ

The Clear & Brilliant is a fractional laser designed to provide excellent results over a series of treatments. With very minimal post-treatment inflammation, it is the perfect introduction to laser skin rejuvenation.

The laser targets the dermal (sub) layer of the skin while leaving the epidermis (top) layer intact. This minimises visible redness and promotes faster healing and minimal recovery time. The affected areas of the skin will begin regenerating new skin cells, producing fresher, smoother and healthier skin.

There are two separate hand-pieces available, which specifically target different skin layers of the skin. The practitioner performing your laser skin rejuvenation treatment will select the Clear + Brilliant hand piece that is most suitable for targeting your skin concerns.

The Clear + Brilliant laser is considered a ‘lunch time’ treatment, generally requiring just 30 minutes for a complete session.

Clear + Brilliant is an ideal introductory laser treatment for those who want to prevent and treat the earliest signs of ageing, such as fine lines and sun damaged skin.

As the laser targets water in the skin (as opposed to pigmentation) this is a safe treatment that is suitable for all skin types, including darker skin types that are at risk of complications with other treatment modalities.

This is a very well-tolerated treatment however an application of topical numbing cream will be applied to your face in order to provide additional comfort.

A noticeable difference in your skin tone and texture will be seen around three days post treatment.

The Clear + Brilliant is designed for best results over a series of treatments. An average of 3 – 6 treatments are recommended to achieve longer-lasting results.

There will be noticeable redness and mild swelling for around 24 hours after the treatment however you can apply a high quality camouflage makeup and continue normal daily activities immediately, taking note of any post-treatment instructions provided by the practitioner.

Around three days post-treatment, you’ll notice the skin has a rough texture. This is the old skin being removed and is a normal part of the process. It is important to not pick or peel at the skin, as this can lead to infection.

Laser rejuvenation is safe when used by a properly trained skin care and laser professional, however there are always risks associated with laser treatments.

Potential side effects include prolonged redness, swelling, blistering, scarring, infection, pigmentary changes (hyperpigmentation), herpes (cold sore) reactivation and acne flare-up.

It is important to follow any post-care instructions given to you by your practitioner. If you experience any adverse reactions, please let us know as soon as possible so we can assist.


Enjoy the convenience and confidence of hair free skin everyday with IPL Hair Removal treatments.

IPL Hair Removal is a simple and effective solution for removing unwanted hair that can be successfully used on all parts of the body or the face.

All of our laser and IPL operators have received their laser safety qualifications and trained with our Dermatologist.


From 15 minutes




Unwanted hair


Chin – $35
Top lip – $35
Neck – $45
Face & neck – $55
Nose or ears – $35

Shoulders – $55
Full back – $99
Chest – $99
Stomach – $99
Areola – $35
Navel – $35
Under arms – $35
Half arms – $65
Full Arms – $99

Half legs – $99
Full legs – $125
Bikini – $45
Brazilian – $55


The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) emits powerful wavelengths of light in to the skin, targeting the melanin (pigmentation) of the hair follicle. Heat energy is absorbed by the hair, destroying the growth cells and disrupting the hair follicle’s re-growth potential without affecting the surrounding tissue.

IPL Hair Removal is a well proven light-based hair removal technique, it is not quite the same technology used for laser hair removal but the end result will be the same. We use the M22 machine, designed by the original creators of IPL technology, Lumenis. This is medical-grade technology, only available to medical practitioners.

There may be mild discomfort during the treatment but for most people, it is a well tolerated treatment. The sensation is similar to the snap of a small elastic band against the skin.

IPL hair removal is most suitable for people with fair skin and dark hair, as the light is attracted to the melanin (colour) in the hair. Darker skin has a higher melanin level, which means treatments need to be carefully performed at much lower settings, and so more treatments are required. You must avoid tanning your skin (even with self-tanners) for up to 4 weeks prior to starting a treatment program (and during), as this can reduce the effectiveness of the IPL treatment.

It is currently not possible for IPL or lasers to remove blonde, red, white or grey hair.

Test patches are always offered and our laser/IPL operators will tell you if treatment would be ineffective or unsafe.

To have a significant reduction of hair (i.e. 80% hair reduction compared to the hairs present at the start of treatment), you’ll need an average of six to 12 treatments. There are many variables that affect how many IPL treatments you’ll need, including the area you’re treating, hormonal growth, lifestyle, general health and medication. This will be discussed with you during your initial consultation however no guarantees can be made as to how many treatments you may require.

Once your initial course of treatments has been completed, it’s advised to have a single six or 12 monthly maintenance treatment. There are currently no laser or IPL solutions available on the market to completely and permanently remove hair.

Significant hair reduction will be visible after the first session. Due to the life cycle of hair growth, it is impossible to remove all of the hair from an area in a session – we can also only treat active hairs (in the ‘anagen’ growth phase). New follicles may activate or follicles not in the ‘anagen’ phase will still grow, which is why a series of treatments is required over a period of time.

Once you’ve completed your initial IPL hair removal program, you can look forward to a lifetime of smooth skin with only the occasional maintenance treatment!

IPL and vascular laser for broken capillaries

IPL & Laser treatments are a non-invasive solution for addressing pigmentation & broken capillaries on the face.


30-45 minutes




Broken capillaries on the face & pigmentation


Price includes first two initial treatments unless stated otherwise.

Full Face – $449
Décolletage – $449
Face & Décolletage – $599
Half Face  – $299
Quarter Face – $199
Arms – $349
Hands (one treatment) – $99
Spot treatment (one treatment) – $99


The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser devices emit powerful wavelengths of light that target red pigmentation in the vascular lesions. Heat energy then destroys the pigment without affecting the skin or tissue surrounding the targeted area.

IPL and lasers work at different wavelengths of light, so we typically combine both technologies to more effectively target the vascular concern. 

The M22 Laser works by delivering pulses of light energy to the treatment area; as these pulses hit the complexion, they target parts of the skin that are a different pigment shade than surrounding healthy tissue. That means any type of pigmentation – be it from sun damage or scarring – will absorb the light waves

Number of treatments will vary depending on the specific concern being treated, but a minimum of two is usually required. Other factors including your general health will affect how many treatments are required.

Generally, a course of 2 – 6 treatments 4 weeks apart is required to achieve an optimal result.

It is important to have realistic expectations of possible results with vein treatments. Due to the nature of vascular lesions and pigmentation, it is usually not possible completely clear the concern with the use of laser or IPL. A significant improvement is often seen but no guarantee of outcome can be made.


People get tattoos for many different reasons — from an impulsive drunken dare to an act of self-expression or something very personal like the memory of a loved one.

But for some people, those everlasting memories can transform into regrets. It could be that they no longer like the design, their employment prospects have been hindered or maybe they just want to make room for something (or somebody) new.

Fortunately, tattoos aren’t quite as permanent as they once were and so an increasing number of people are seeking out reputable tattoo removal clinics for a fresh start.


30 minutes




Unwanted black tattoos


2cm x 2cm $120
5cm x 5cm  $140
10cm x 5cm $180
15cm x 10cm $290
20cm x 20cm $380

Price ranges shown are an estimate “per area”. Actual cost of treatment will vary based on the individual tattoo, location and percentage of ink coverage.

Initial consultation, quotation and test patching is free.


The laser works by emitting specific wavelengths of intense light into the skin that target the pigment (colour) of the tattoo being treated. The surrounding non-inked skin is left unaffected.

When the laser energy is absorbed into the tattoo, the ink particles are shattered. This causes them to break up into tiny fragments that are then absorbed and naturally expelled by the body over time. It’s not actually the laser removing the tattoo but rather the body’s natural immune system. We see the result of this process as the tattoo gradually lightens in appearance. With a series of treatments, the ink will continue to fade away until no longer visible.

For those thinking about having laser tattoo removal, it’s important to have realistic expectations before committing to the process. Tattoo removal is far more time consuming, costly and painful than getting a tattoo in the first place.

The result of the treatment can be influenced by a number of factors including the colour, depth and type of the ink, position of the tattoo on body, the age of tattoo, skin colour and general health. This makes it extremely difficult to predict how many treatments may be required.

Fading a tattoo (for a cover up) usually takes between 2 – 5 sessions while complete removal may need as many as 15 sessions, with 6 – 8 weeks between each session.

Black and dark blue tattoos respond best to laser treatments, particularly on people with fair skin. Other colours are more difficult to address and require different types of lasers to be used.

As with any advanced skin treatment, there are some risks to be aware of. After the procedure, there will be some heat, pain and swelling as well as possible blistering or crusting. Once the tattoo has been removed, there may still be some skin discolouration where the ink once was. Although rare, scarring is also possible, particularly when aftercare instructions aren’t strictly followed or when inferior laser equipment is used.


In NSW, there is no regulation regarding the operation of a laser device and cheap, low quality machines are accessible to anybody. To avoid being burned by unsafe laser treatments, make sure you choose a medical clinic with qualified and experienced staff.
The laser operators at North Coast Medispa have completed laser safety courses in addition to training alongside our on-site Dermatologist, who is always available for consultation or to assist in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction.


Stimulate your skin’s healing process with LED Phototherapy. This innovative technology reduces acne breakouts and calms post-inflammatory conditions.

It is a very safe and comfortable light based treatment that is perfect for treating a wide range of skin concerns that stimulates your skin’s natural healing process.

LED uses varying low-level wavelengths of light, including red and blue, to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level.


30 minutes




Acne, inflammation, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone and texture


Face neck, décolletage $99
Student $59
Express Back’ne’ Treatment $99
Buy 3 get 1 free (pre-pay) $297

Please note: Include in your booking notes which LED Phototherapy treatment you are after. We will need to see Student ID if booking for a student treatment.


This is a non-invasive treatment involving specific wave lengths of light to stimulate and activate cellular processes in the skin. Each wavelength emitted by the lights has a different depth of penetration and is designed to induce a particular response in the skin.

The blue light addresses active acne by destroying the acne bacteria colonisation in the sebaceous (oil) glands and reducing the inflammation of the skin.The red light aids skin healing and rejuvenation by inducing a very mild inflammation in the targeted area to produce an immune system response that helps increase skin cell turnover and regeneration.Both lights are typically used together to treat active acne and other combinations are available depending on the skin condition.

Not at all. LED Phototherapy is a very gentle treatment that, unlike IPL and laser treatments, does not produce heat in the skin – making this a very comfortable, relaxing skin rejuvenation treatment.

Everybody can benefit from LED Phototherapy – it is safe and suitable for ALL skin types. We highly recommend LED phototherapy to everybody, either immediately after another treatment or as a general skin maintenance treatment.

There are no risks of adverse effects unless you suffer from a light-sensitive condition. Unlike IPL and laser treatments, LED Phototherapy does not produce heat in the skin – making this a very comfortable, relaxing treatment with absolutely no downtime.This treatment perfectly compliments many other treatments by reducing inflammation and healing time.

Immediately post treatment, the skin will feel slightly plump and more radiant with a noticeable reduction in any redness or irritation. Long term results are usually quite noticeable but will depend on the skin concern being treated and the specific course of treatments prescribed.

Most clients report a sensation of feeling very relaxed and refreshed after an LED Phototherapy treatment.Due to the gentle nature of the treatment, there are generally no post-treatment care requirements. General skin care measures should be taken, particularly minimising exposure to UV rays from the sun and using high quality home care products.Specific instructions will be given to you by the treating practitioner if necessary.


Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) combines specialised light therapy with photosensitive medications to rejuvenate the skin, useful for treating superficial types of skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesions.


1 day


1-2 weeks


Superficial types of skin care or pre-cancerous lesions.


Priced upon consultation


Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a minimally-invasive treatment for certain types of superficial skin cancers and premalignant lesions.

By combining topical drugs called photosensitising agents and specific wavelengths of light, PDT destroys abnormal cells without the incisions, downtime and scarring associated with surgical treatment of skin cancers. PDT is also used in cosmetic settings for the rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin.

PDT treatments are well tolerated, quick to perform and have a high cure rate in superficial non-melanoma skin cancers.

There are several stages of treatment with PDT. First, the photosensitising agent (aminolevulinic acid or methyl aminolevulinate) is applied to the treatment area in the form of a cream. The drug is absorbed by the abnormal cells over a prescribed amount of time.

A specific light source (visible light, LED and/or laser) is then applied to the treatment area to activate the cream, causing the photosensitive drug to selectively destroy the damaged or cancerous cells with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues.

We will prepare your skin with cleansing, applying a chemical sunscreen to block out the unwanted UVA and UVB lights, gently remove the crusting over the skin surface and apply the medicated cream (photosensitising cream). For those undergoing treatment for low grade skin cancers, the treatment area will be covered with a dressing.

Once the skin is prepared and the creams are applied, you can leave the clinic.

For those who are undergoing daylight PDT, you are required to stay outdoors for 2-4 hours in order for the visible light to activate the cream.

For those who are undergoing red light PDT or laser PDT, You are required to come back to the clinic after 3 hours. We’ll then active the cream with the red LED light, laser or a combination of both.

The number of PDT treatments required to yield a desirable outcome depends on the skin concern being treated. To improve the cosmetic appearance of sun-damaged skin, only one session is needed.

To treat low-grade skin cancers, plan to undergo two sessions scheduled one to two weeks apart. A second treatment ensures the highest chance of cure when using PDT to treat superficial non-melanoma skin cancers.

PDT is well-tolerated by most people. Day light PDT is usually tolerated by most without much pain. PDT with red LED light or laser can be more painful. To increase patient comfort, a cool spray is used during the treatment and pain relief medication can be taken one hour before illumination. An anaesthetic cream can be applied to further alleviate discomfort if needed.

Occasionally, we administer local anaesthetic to maximise pain relief. We recommend taking over-the-counter pain medication after the procedure if the treatment covers a large or especially sensitive area

It is common to feel a burning sensation soon after a PDT session. This discomfort usually subsides over the next few days.

Other common side effects are similar to a sunburn, including swelling, bruising and peeling skin. These effects rarely last for longer than a week. Some patients develop pustular whitehead rashes, but this is a more unusual side effect of PDT.

The treated skin will be light-sensitive at first and should be carefully protected from the sun.

Optimal results are seen several weeks after a session when the treated lesions have been eliminated and the skin is rejuvenated. Results continue to improve for months after a PDT treatment.