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Things to do this Summer in the North Rivers

Brace yourself. Summer is coming. Australian summer is quite an experience. There’s dry heat, humid heat, oppressive heat, and
many other types of heat too. The good news is there’s plenty of opportunities for fun even if you’re not usually a fan of summer.

You might be getting time off over the Christmas period. If so, you’re probably spending a lot of it with family. And while that’s important, also remember to do some fun things for yourself.

The Northern Rivers region has a number of places where you can go to reward yourself for all you accomplished, during this crazy year. There’s plenty of great places for you to pamper yourself, rest, and rejuvenate. We want to give a shout out to a few fantastic places in North Rivers where you can treat yourself this summer. Check out our recommendations for things to do this summer in the Northern Rivers.

Bod Squad by Rikki Lee

“Discover your Best Self with a Community of Like-Minded Women”.
Bod Squad is all about motivating and inspiring women to get the best out of their bodies. The founder, Rikki Lee, is all about fitness that is unique tailored for women. And her goal is to create a positive, supportive community to help people feel good about themselves. They have a range of classes available. You can choose between circuits, the dumbbell buster, or high intensity interval training (HIIT). You can also book outdoor sessions or online yoga. So there’s definitely something to suit where you’re at now, and help challenge you to go further than ever.

Best of all, Bod Squad is launching a “New Year New You Challenge” for starting the year right. Beginning on the 1st January, it’s 28 days of bod squad fitness. The Bod Squad Challenges are run every few months, and it’s always a great opportunity to meet other women who live locally and are striving to improve their fitness.
Bod Squad also has a comprehensive list of extra services. They offer personal training, education seminars for schools, and even a bridal boot camps! If you’re thinking about improving your health and fitness in 2021, then Bod Squad is a
fantastic place to help you achieve that. You can check out their website here.

SHE. Brows and Makeup Artistry

“SHE is a space created to help women feel empowered and confident by enhancing their natural beauty.” SHE specialises in Brow Sculpting, Lash Lifts and Makeup Applications for all occasions. It’s a great opportunity to pamper yourself and have fun this summer.

SHE is doing $80 makeups for the month of December, so now is the time to try them out if you’ve ever been curious. This is the perfect chance to look extra beautiful for an upcoming wedding, birthday party, or office party. It could be particularly special if you haven’t seen someone in a while, due to quarantine and working from home. You could wear a dazzling display of artistry to make sure you look your best for any reunion. Of course, maybe you don’t need a reason. Maybe you’ve just been feeling a bit down and overwhelmed by things. And sometimes, doing something nice for yourself is exactly what you need to recover your good spirits. It’s totally ok if you want to look beautiful just to restore your confidence. You don’t always need an excuse.

If you want to make an enquiry with SHE. Brows and Makeup Artistry, check out their facebook page for more information. 

LA Hair Ballina

“Relax, unwind and enjoy creative cutting and styling from the team at LA Hair Design, Ballina.”
LA Hair is your go-to team of experts for all things hair related. Their main service is Creative Cutting and Styling, where they perform small trims or complete makeovers to suit your style and face shape. They also perform Creative Colouring. This is perfect for those
who have always been curious about changing their colour to something new, or something
totally wild.

LA Hair will do recolouring that is long-lasting and will look gorgeous. Yet their real specialty is Balayage and Blonde Services. For those who don’t know,
Balayage is a French colouring technique where the colour is applied entirely by hand, rather than using foiling or highlighting. This allows for a finer touch, and lets the LA Hair artists create a truly vibrant look.

To see more of what they do, and to make a booking, click here to their website.

North Coast Medispa

That’s right, we couldn’t resist putting ourselves here too! Medispa offers a huge range of Cosmetic Injections and Skin Treatments. We offer Laser and IPL treatments, as well as a range of skin treatments including Skin Needling, Medical grade chemical peels, and epidermal blading. And if you’re not sure what’s best for you, we can always start with a skin assessment to discover how we can best help you feel confident in
your own skin.

There’s so much you can do this Summer in the Northern Rivers. Make sure you spend some
time on yourself, and enjoy something that will make you feel valued and beautiful.