The Perfect Facial – Relax and Improve Your Skin at the Same Time

Facials are the perfect compromise for when you can’t decide between something good for you, and something you enjoy. Its two birds with one stone! A facial is all about improving your skin, and letting you enjoy some relaxation too.

Physically speaking, a facial has a real and measurable effect on your skin. You can immediately see the difference in your skin’s health, and feel the improvements on the surface. Your skin tone has improved and you’re left with with glowing skin. Yet facials are also very soothing! The feeling of a gentle massaging touch is a great stress relief. It’s perfect for easing your mind and calming your thoughts. Today we’re talking about the benefits of a facial. We’re going to outline how facials are good for your skin, and great for your peace of mind too.

Reduce Stress

Facials have been proven to lower stress levels and ease anxiety. And it’s not just our opinion. There is science to back it up. When you have a facial, you are sitting still for 45 mins with your eyes shut. You are essentially having a nap. This gives you a chance to slow your breathing, lower your heart rate and lower blood pressure. You’re also having someone apply gentle touch to the pressure points on your face. This relaxes your nervous system, allowing you to feel less anxious and more uplifted. If you’ve ever felt like you were walking on clouds after your facial, there’s a very good reason why. Facials have a measurable impact on your mood by making small but effective changes to you on a physiological level.

Now let’s look at the benefits it has your skin’s health and beauty.

The Power of a Deep Cleanse

Did you know that your skin has over five million pores? And twenty thousand are on your face! Pores are a natural part of your skin’s health. They exist to allow your skin to breathe and naturally process oils and toxins. However, your pores will clog up over time if not cleansed properly. That’s why we recommend exfoliating your skin once or twice a week, to help remove the debris clogging them. We also recommend a receiving a facial every 3 to 4 weeks. This is because a facial is a deep cleanse of your pores, clearing congestions on every level. This cleanse will help to calm skin inflammation and lower the amount of excess oil on your skin.Best of all, removing all those toxins helps to minimise future breakouts. If you’re struggling with blackheads or acne, a facial can give your skin a chance to heal.

Skin Rejuvenation

After your facial has removed the damaged skin cells on the surface, it stimulates the growth of new skin cells. We call this skin rejuvenation.
Everyone has damaged skin cells. These cells become damaged by dehydration, coming under stress or strain, or are naturally damaged over time. These damaged skin cells build up. And the more damaged cells you have, the harder it is for new cells to grow in their place. It’s why we encourage chemical exfoliation. Removing these damaged skin cells allows for new skin to more easily replace it. This also restores your skin’s natural hydration levels. New skin always looks like younger skin. That leads us to our next point.


A facial will improve the overall health of your skin. And the healthier your skin is and the more you look after it, there is a better chance that we will tackle those fine lines and wrinkles. If you ever have a hard time guessing someone’s age, odds are it’s because of the health of
their skin (one way or another). You’ll find that healthy skin has a more consistent tone, a smooth texture, and is hydrated enough to have an even surface. Plus it’ll leave you feeling fresh.

Prove That You are Worth Taking Care Of

The best part of the facial is a ‘message of confidence’ you send yourself. By spending time and expense on yourself, you prove your own value.
It’s not just a luxury either. There are times when taking care of yourself is a necessity. Sometimes life can get you down. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or stressed out, in day to day life. That’s why doing things that make you feel happy are so important. Do something nice for yourself. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need in order to get up and keep trying after a setback.

These are just a few benefits of having a regular facial. As you can see, it’s not just skin deep. We want you to have strong, healthy skin, but also have the chance to relax and enjoy yourself. Check out our website for the range of skin treatments we offer.

Enjoy the Confidence of Healthy Skin.

Our team are passionate about providing you with results-driven treatments that leave you feeling empowered, confident and comfortable in your own skin.