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Summer Skin Care - A Quick Guide to the Best Products

Summer is fast approaching. With such a big change in conditions coming up, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. All the heat can do harsh things to your skin. So we’ve put together a quick guide on what products you can use to protect your skin from
the effects of the Australian summer. We’ll highlight what problems you’re likely to face, and how to treat them with proper skin care.

Disclaimer: This list is intended as a starting place to give you ideas. It’s not a substitute for professional advice. Please make sure you speak to our in-house staff to find the best products for your skin and your situation.

1. Use Sunscreen
This may seem an obvious start. But do not leave home without it! It’s also important to find the right sunscreen for your skin type. Sunscreen can be very oily and cause breakouts after usage. And your skin can still dry out in the heat, even with the oil of sunscreen offering protection.

We recommend using the ‘Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser 30+’. It’s sunscreen protection that also works as a moisturiser. This means the sun won’t damage your skin by drying it out or adding harmful oils. Most importantly, the Protective Daily Moisturiser comes in three forms: Hydrating, Mattifying, and Sheer Tint. It’s important to use the right one for your skin type. Of course, all three products also offer broad-spectrum sun protection and are fast-absorbing. It just depends on what your skin needs
to really thrive. So slop on sunscreen every day this summer to keep your skin healthy and looking fresh.

2. Moisturize for Dry and Itchy Skin
Many people find that heat dries out their skin and makes it itch. That can lead to scratching and increasing skin damage, so it’s important to deal with it before it escalates. That’s why it’s crucial to use a moisturizer to suit the Australian summer. The last thing you want is a heat rash. It’s important to discuss with your skin therapist which moisturiser suits your skin best. 

3. Cleanse Those Pores
During summer, the extra heat is going to make you sweat more than ever. All that sweat makes it more likely that tiny little bits of dirt and dead skin will clog your pores, leading to
more acne and discolouration. Make sure you cleanse regularly during this time to keep your skin clear and fresh. However, it is once again crucial that you find the right cleanser for your skin type. You
don’t want to spend time and money using something that’s not going to help your specific situation. There’s plenty of options, however, if you’re unsure, you can always visit us to check with our staff and ask what will
work best for you.

4. Take Care of Oils
You may not have oily skin most of the time. But summer can sometimes bring out the oily
texture in the best of skins. So make sure you take action. Most of the steps we mentioned earlier also deal with oily skin. Yet if oils are still persisting, you can always go a step further and try a facial mask, or a toner. And of course, make sure
you’re regularly washing your face. We deal with persistent skin problems all the time. We know how frustrating they can be. So
make sure you ask us for help if you have a condition that won’t go away, especially if it’s worse than ever in the summer.

So there you go! We hope this quick guide has been helpful. As we said before, it really is just a starting place to give you an idea of how to take care of your skin. Please speak to our staff if you have ongoing issues, or you’re not sure what the best advice is for you.