An Interview with our Client Hailey and Her Skin Health Journey

Today we want to share with you an amazing skin journey & success story. So we sat down with the lovely Hailey to share how her skin health journey has been for her.

Hailey has been seeing us since October 2018 and prior to this, suffered from chronic, painful acne and hormonal cystic breakouts that had a major impact on her confidence. After addressing gut health, skincare, balancing hormones, stress environmental toxins, sleep, understanding skin anatomy, and last but not least, receiving regular series of treatments here in the clinic, Hailey has cleared her skin completely of acne and hormonal breakouts.

Today we’re talking with her about the type of treatments Hailey has had in the clinic, and the effect they’ve had on her confidence and wellbeing. We’re also discussing positive self-care, and Hailey’s ongoing skin care recommendations.

Tell us a bit about you! Introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello lovely people, my name is Hailey. I am wife to the love of my life, mum to a beautiful & crazy little girl and I am a family & wedding photographer here on the North Coast.

I have a deep love for natural health and wellbeing including natural & organic approaches to food, skincare, lifestyle, with of course the exception to a wine or two on the weekend. Balance is important after all! I also love inspiring others to know they are worthy of consciously creating the life that they truly want.

What was your main skin concern prior to having any treatments with us?

Cystic hormonal acne primarily on my cheeks, chin and neck.

How did these concerns affect your confidence & everyday life?

As superficial as it may seem, the hormonal acne really did affect my confidence and I would take most any means to hide it from the world. I have always been one who loved to engage and share in the world so it was emotionally very painful to not feel worthy or seen by others. It wasn’t until I shifted my mindset to know that the acne did not define who I was, nor could it prevent me from helping others find their happiness in spite of acne. This was the start of the physical and emotional
healing for me.

"I left that appointment feeling more
beautiful than I ever had before"

How did the girls at North Coast Medispa assist in your concerns?

My first ever appointment was with the beautiful Courtney back in November of 2018, we had an initial consult and right away Courtney made me feel so SEEN! I was treated, not just physically for my skin, but emotionally with such positive encouragement for where my skin currently was and for its future healing potential. I left that appointment feeling more beautiful than I ever had before, even still with skin covered in acne. I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly good that was for
the soul, for someone to give me genuine hope for my skin at a time when it felt so hopeless.

We started with Chemical peels and LED light therapy every 4 to 6 weeks and by Feb 2019, along with ALOT of mindset work and practices to reduce stress and combat hormonal imbalances, I no longer had any active acne left. We then moved onto addressing the acne scaring through dermapen and laser and the rest is a beautiful history.

    Image on left: May 2019                                                                                                             Image on right: February 2021

Has this shifted your confidence with your skin and how it affected your daily life?

Absolutely, I had begun the necessary change I needed in mindset before my first appointment with North Coast [Medispa], but it was the genuine kindness and authentic care given at those appointments that concreted that mind shift for me. We are so much more than our external appearance. We are
worthy of complete happiness and love and we should never allow our exterior complexion to define this worth.

What are some things you like to do now to practice self-care?

I’m a mum and a business owner so time management itself is crucial in keeping my mind and skin sane. So I have a sneaky hack where I will apply one of my fav charcoal or Vitamin C masks during the morning and then meditate or journal while it’s sinking in. It’s a glorious way to start the day.

Self-care has become very important to me as stress and excess cortisol in my body was one of the biggest contributing factors to my years of hormonal acne. It’s also a huge factor in premature aging and many other skin concerns.

    Image on left: January 2019                                                                                                             Image on right: February 2019

What is your personal favourite treatment here at North Coast Medispa?

I have tried so many and my absolute fav, without fail, is the Dermapen with the additional PRP treatment. I have seen such incredible changes with this one treatment and I have just booked another package of three of these treatments. I think if you are going to indulge in the benefits of the Dermapen treatment that you should definitely take the extra step to really ramp up the results by adding in the PRP.

"I have seen such incredible changes with this one treatment and I have just booked another package of three of these treatments."

What are your personal favourite skin care products to use at home?

I am obsessed with extremely clean, natural and organic products for my skin. And we are so blessed in Australia to be home to so many clean, ethical and powerful skincare brands that are filled with very potent natural botanicals to give our skin the care it needs. I personally love a really high quality Vitamin C serum for during the day, Quality Vitamin A serum for night and of course SPF every day.

How important do you think it is to receive regular in-clinic treatments and maintaining the correct skin care regime is in the health of your skin?

Consistency is the key to success no matter what area of life you look at. And skincare is no different. Every little treatment adds up to better and better results. So the more care you give your skin, both at home and with professional treatments, the better it will be. And on top of that I find my treatments at North Coast are a beautiful little self-care ritual itself. That’s something I think too many of us don’t gift ourselves in our busy lives. It’s a win-win in my books.

If there was one skin-care practice you thought everyone should use, what would it be?

Sunscreen!! Every day, all day! Especially to face, neck, dec [décolletage] and hands. It is absolutely my #1 without fail skin care must! Prevention is always better than cure!

I wish to say thank you to all the beautiful ladies at North Coast Medispa. You have gifted me so much over the last few years and I am extremely grateful.

Much Love Hails xx

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