An Interview with Mel Carrero

Today we want to share with you an Interview we had with one of our amazing clients and Instagram Influencer, Mel. We sat down and talked all things skin, self care and what she’s been up to as of late.

Tell us a bit about you! Introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Mel and I work in marketing and content creation mostly in fashion and beauty! I live in Lismore and am currently pregnant about to have my first babe!

What do you enjoy about having a larger following on Instagram and having an influence on your audience?

I guess what I enjoy is the hope of making some sort of positive influence on my followers. I get people telling me that because I am not your a-typical influencer being a size 16, that it made them feel confident ! Several people have said literally I helped them feel ok wearing a swimsuit at the beach which is not only crazy (wear the swimsuit girl!) but I guess brings me hope of what I do. 

How important do you think self-care is in your everyday life?

So important. I didn’t really have a routine till the last few years and the difference in confidence is wild. Especially skin. You’ve gotta wear it every day, invest in it more than your wardrobe and you’ll glow and even buy less makeup!

"You’ve gotta wear (your skin) every day, invest in it more than your wardrobe and you’ll glow and even buy less makeup!"

What are some things you like to do to practise self care?

Regular skin appointments, in between that I like to try do a mask a month too. Exercising regularly, taking time to read or be in the sun. 

What is your personal favourite treatment here at North Coast Medispa?

 It’s gotta be the epiblading. That fresh baby skin feeling is unbeatable! I do like a chemical peel too but I think I’m an epi blade addict

How important do you think it is receiving regular in clinic treatments and maintaining the correct skin care regime is in the health of your skin?

It is crucial! My skin has never been better since coming to you guys regularly. I don’t really get little break outs any more, there is a huge difference! I trial a lot of beauty products in my regime because of my work so I am using lots of beautiful products but the most consistent thing I’ve been doing is the appointments.  

If there was one skin-care practice you thought everyone should use, what would it be?

A good serum I think is the best way to glow- which one is up to your skin! Definitely go for an appointment somewhere and see what regime they recommend and stick to it! 

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