5 Ways To Dare To Bare

Here’s some good news …this is not a blog about dieting or exercise! We say love your body and treat it right, don’t beat yourself up if you have ‘imperfections’. That said, with summer coming up, you may be wondering how to look better both makeup free and flaunting your fabulousness in a swimsuit or new summer dress. I know some of us are.

So, here’s five tips to build inner and outer beauty.

1) Start with a body scrub

A detoxing soak in a bath with added magnesium salts can be combined with your favourite exfoliation product.

Work upwards and banish all that scaly, dead skin, especially on elbows or feet (a pumice might help there too.) Use a gentle exfoliation product on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin, or one that is prone to broken capillaries. (For help with those, check out our IPL and Vascular laser

Smoother skin is more beautiful skin, especially when it’s followed by step 2.

2) Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Hot weather & sea salt dries our skin, which should be protected all over by a chemical-free, SPF30+ sunblock.

And dry skin is more prone to flaking or wrinkling. Make it a habit
to slather on a body cream the minute you get out of the bath, or shower, or before bed, and apply your choice of face cream and/or serum. You’ll start to feel like a goddess, a dewy goddess that is.

3) Treat yourself to a facial

If you love to go makeup free, try one of our Relaxing Targeted Facials that includes your choice of microdermabrasion or a chemical peel as well as a face mask, hot towel therapy, a gentle massage and LED Phototherapy will make facial skin
glow. We’re relaxing just thinking about it! Our skin therapists can also help with other concerns such as age spots, fine lines, or acne scarring. Ask us how to get more confidence to skip the cover-up.

4) Consider hair removal

If you feel there’s a few follicular issues standing in the way of you and your best swimsuit look, you may want to book into IPL Hair Removal to gently remove unwanted hair. Our clients love the smooth result. Having a laser treatment also means you’ll never have to let stubble spoil your look again and think of the time you save prepping for bikini season.

5) add some bling

A bright, sexy nail polish and a pedicure is the perfect finish to a body with skin that rocks, while body jewellery including piercings and tattoos that can only be seen when you are in beach mode may be a sexy way to finish off your look. For those who want something less permanent, body jewellery like a body chain, or temporary tattoos, are a great choice. Whatever makes you feel and look good, we’re in favour of it.

Remember that the better you feel, the better you look so treat yourself to a self-care and beauty regime that boosts confidence in the skin you’re in.

Enjoy the Confidence of Healthy Skin.

Our team are passionate about providing you with results-driven treatments that leave you feeling empowered, confident and comfortable in your own skin.