Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a potent and “natural” skin rejuvenation procedure for addressing a variety of skin concerns including sun-damaged skin, scarring and even hair loss.

PRP uses your body’s natural biology to address skin imperfections and restore lost volume by using your own plasma to stimulate the formation of new skin cells. By using your own cells, there is virtually no risk of adverse events occurring such as immune rejection or transmitting disease.

Traditionally used in sports medicine for treating injured joints and muscles, PRP therapy utilises concentrated doses of “platelets” (cells in blood the which are responsible for helping the body’s healing process) injected in to targeted areas.

The procedure begins by extracting a sample of the patient’s blood (using the same process as in a typical blood test) which is then spun in a centrifuge to create a concentrate of Platelet Rich Plasma.
The concentrated plasma solution is then injected under the skin at the targeted areas to stimulate the body in to improving the overall quality and health of the skin.

The platelet-rich solution works to kickstart the body’s cellular processes, stimulating collagen production, skin cell turnover and invigorating the area with stem cells and growth factors.

The procedure takes about an hour and is well tolerated with typically no discomfort. Downtime is minimal and side effects are usually limited to minor swelling, bruising and tenderness for up to 24 hours.

Results occur over a period of 8 weeks, depending on the overall health of the patient.

It is recommended to have an initial 2 – 4 initial treatments at 6 weekly intervals, followed with a single annual “maintenance” treatment for optimal results.

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