LED Phototherapy

LED Phototherapy is very safe and comfortable light based treatment that is suitable for treating a wide range of skin concerns including acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, inflammation and even chronic skin conditions.

Average treatment time

30 minutes

Average down time


Best for treating

Acne, inflammation, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone and texture

Treatment cost


LED Phototherapy
Frequently Asked Questions

This is a non-invasive treatment involving specific wave lengths of light to stimulate and activate cellular processes in the skin. Each wavelength emitted by the lights has a different depth of penetration and is designed to induce a particular response in the skin.

The blue light addresses active acne by destroying the acne bacteria colonisation in the sebaceous (oil) glands and reducing the inflammation of the skin.The red light aids skin healing and rejuvenation by inducing a very mild inflammation in the targeted area to produce an immune system response that helps increase skin cell turnover and regeneration.Both lights are typically used together to treat active acne and other combinations are available depending on the skin condition.

Not at all. LED Phototherapy is a very gentle treatment that, unlike IPL and laser treatments, does not produce heat in the skin – making this a very comfortable, relaxing skin rejuvenation treatment.

Everybody can benefit from LED Phototherapy – it is safe and suitable for ALL skin types. We highly recommend LED phototherapy to everybody, either immediately after another treatment or as a general skin maintenance treatment.

There are no risks of adverse effects unless you suffer from a light-sensitive condition. Unlike IPL and laser treatments, LED Phototherapy does not produce heat in the skin – making this a very comfortable, relaxing treatment with absolutely no downtime.This treatment perfectly compliments many other treatments by reducing inflammation and healing time.

Immediately post treatment, the skin will feel slightly plump and more radiant with a noticeable reduction in any redness or irritation. Long term results are usually quite noticeable but will depend on the skin concern being treated and the specific course of treatments prescribed.

Most clients report a sensation of feeling very relaxed and refreshed after an LED Phototherapy treatment.Due to the gentle nature of the treatment, there are generally no post-treatment care requirements. General skin care measures should be taken, particularly minimising exposure to UV rays from the sun and using high quality home care products.Specific instructions will be given to you by the treating practitioner if necessary.