IPL Hair Removal

Enjoy the convenience and confidence of hair free skin everyday with IPL Hair Removal treatments. 

IPL Hair Removal is a simple and effective solution for removing unwanted hair that can be successfully used on all parts of the body or the face.

All of our laser and IPL operators have received their laser safety qualifications and trained with our Dermatologist.

Average treatment time

15 minutes

Average down time


Best for treating

Unwanted hair

Treatment cost

From $29

IPL Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) emits powerful wavelengths of light in to the skin, targeting the melanin (pigmentation) of the hair follicle. Heat energy is absorbed by the hair, destroying the growth cells and disrupting the hair follicle’s re-growth potential without affecting the surrounding tissue.

IPL Hair Removal is a well proven light-based hair removal technique, it is not quite the same technology used for laser hair removal but the end result will be the same. We use the M22 machine, designed by the original creators of IPL technology, Lumenis. This is medical-grade technology, only available to medical practitioners.

There may be mild discomfort during the treatment but for most people, it is a well tolerated treatment. The sensation is similar to the snap of a small elastic band against the skin.

IPL hair removal is most suitable for people with fair skin and dark hair, as the light is attracted to the melanin (colour) in the hair.  Darker skin has a higher melanin level, which means treatments need to be carefully performed at much lower settings, and so more treatments are required. You must avoid tanning your skin (even with self-tanners) for up to 4 weeks prior to starting a treatment program (and during), as this can reduce the effectiveness of the IPL treatment.

It is currently not possible for IPL or lasers to remove blonde, red, white or grey hair.

Test patches are always offered and our laser/IPL operators will tell you if treatment would be ineffective or unsafe.

To have a significant reduction of hair (i.e. 80% hair reduction compared to the hairs present at the start of treatment), you’ll need an average of six to 12 treatments. There are many variables that affect how many IPL treatments you’ll need, including the area you’re treating, hormonal growth, lifestyle, general health and medication. This will be discussed with you during your initial consultation however no guarantees can be made as to how many treatments you may require. 

Once your initial course of treatments has been completed, it’s advised to have a single six or 12 monthly maintenance treatment. There are currently no laser or IPL solutions available on the market to completely and permanently remove hair.

Significant hair reduction will be visible after the first session. Due to the life cycle of hair growth, it is impossible to remove all of the hair from an area in a session – we can also only treat active hairs (in the ‘anagen’ growth phase). New follicles may activate or follicles not in the ‘anagen’ phase will still grow, which is why a series of treatments is required over a period of time.

Once you’ve completed your initial IPL hair removal program, you can look forward to a lifetime of smooth skin with only the occasional maintenance treatment!