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Anti aging injections in Ballina and Lismore

Anti aging injections typically refer to anti wrinkle or muscle relaxant injections. These are fast, simple non-surgical treatments to relax your facial muscles and smooth out facial lines and wrinkles. Learn more here.

Dermal fillers (including skin boosters) provide instant results for restoring facial volume, plumping lips and enhancing your natural features. Additionally, they have the long term benefit of hydrating the skin from within. Learn more here.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy involves using your body’s own healing abilities to restore your skin over time, perfect for addressing crepey skin and restoring under the eyes. Learn more here.

Fat dissolving injections are used to target under-chin fullness. The fat is permanently removed, so results can be dramatic and long-lasting with good diet and exercise. Learn more here.

Your local experts for anti aging injections

Our team are experts in both the science of skin care and the art of aesthetics. You know you’re in safe hands with the most experienced nurse injector team in the region, supervised by our own Specialist skin doctor.

We pride ourselves on being part of the local community and having a reputation for exceptional care. Our mission is to make our clients feel confident and comfortable in their skin. We build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and safety.

Why choose a local team for your cosmetic injections?

There’s no need to travel to the Gold Coast or major cities for your anti aging injections because we have invested a lot in to ensuring our cosmetic injection team are highly trained and skilled in non-surgical rejuvenation.

Medical treatments like cosmetic injectables have an inherent risk and the outcome can’t be guaranteed – no matter how skilled the practitioner. It’s important to know that you’re supported before, during and AFTER your appointment. If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, our Ballina and Lismore teams are always available to see you and address any issues that might come up.

To ensure the safest treatments and offer the best care, we have purpose build clinics with emergency equipment available and multiple  practitioners to support you in your skin care journey.

A “fly in fly out” injector renting rooms in a beauty salon is not as easily held accountable if something goes wrong. They typically don’t have the resources available to handle emergencies, consequently putting you at risk. In contrast, our clinics are operated full time with medical staff always available in the case of an adverse event or undesirable outcome from your treatment.

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To book your complementary, obligation free consultation with one our team, please call on 1800 186 333 or book online.

We have full-time clinics available in Ballina and Lismore, just a short drive from Byron Bay or Grafton.

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