Skin Assessments

The journey to beautiful, healthy skin should always start with a comprehensive skin assessment by a professional skin care practitioner prior to having any treatments.

A thorough consultation with one of our nurses ensures we understand your skin concerns and can tailor a solution that is safe and effective for you.

Not all skin is alike, and matching clinical technique to each clients unique situation is crucial to ensure an optimal outcome.

What’s involved in a professional skin assessment?

Your skin assessment will be performed by one of our Registered Nurses who are trained in both the science of skin care and the art of aesthetics. We understand that for many clients — particularly those with long-term skin conditions — this can be a vulnerable time, so our nurses aim to provide a professional but relaxed consultation.

1. Discussion and history

The nurse will begin by asking you about your specific skin concerns as well as your goals and expectations from any treatments. They will then ask a series of questions about your relevant medical history, current medications, your lifestyle, any past skin conditions or skin treatments and your current skin care routine. It is beneficial to bring any skin care products you’re using to your consultation.

You’ll be given information on the cause of your concerns and what treatment options may be available. You’re encouraged to use this opportunity to ask any questions you have about skin care or specific treatment modalities.

2. Non-invasive Examination

The examination process will vary depending on the specific concerns you’re presenting with. In most cases, your face will be gently cleansed to remove makeup and debris, allowing for a more thorough examination of the health and condition of the skin. The nurses have a variety of non-invasive tools available to assist with the assessment and photos may be taken to document your treatment progress.

Our nurses are trained to identify any severe or serious skin conditions that require specialist intervention and will refer you to your GP or our onsite dermatologist where appropriate. Dr Gudmundsen will also attend the consultation if prescription skin care or other medications (e.g. cosmetic injectables) are likely to form part of your treatment plan.

3. Plan

The nurse will discuss a personally tailored skin care plan that includes a timeline and cost estimate of recommended in-clinic treatments and home skin care products. You will be given specific information about treatments relevant to addressing your concerns, as well as any suitable alternatives. In some cases, we may refer you to another provider (e.g. Plastic Surgeon) if we feel that would be the best option for you.

There is no obligation to proceed with any treatments or purchase products at this stage and you’re welcome to take home the information received to consider your options before booking your treatments.